IRS to Require 150 Million Tax Filers to Disclose Crypto Dealings

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The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has unveiled a new draft tax form used by some 150 million people in the country to file tax returns. It has a section that requires them to answer whether they have received, sold, sent, exchanged, or acquired any financial interest in any cryptocurrencies during the year.

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New Tax Form

The IRS published a draft of the new 1040 tax form containing a question about the tax filer’s crypto-related activities on Friday. The move follows the release of the agency’s long-awaited tax guidance which was published on Wednesday.

The 1040 form is the main tax form used by all filers in the U.S. According to the IRS, over 154 million tax returns were submitted using this form in 2018, and over 152 million in 2017. The new 1040 form, when implemented, will be used to file taxes starting in 2019. The IRS emphasized that “This is an early release draft of an IRS tax form, instructions, or publication, which the IRS is providing for your information,” adding:

We generally do not release draft forms until we believe we have incorporated all changes, but sometimes unexpected issues arise, or legislation is passed.

IRS to Require 150 Million Tax Filers to Disclose Crypto Dealings

The tax agency added that any comments regarding the draft, instructions or publications can be submitted, but “we may not be able to con