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Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

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3 hours ago
#EthereumClassic’s role within this new initiative is to add support for $ETC as collateral, and to mint a stablecoin on the @FantomFDN platform – similar to DAI on Ethereum.

@ETCLabs Partners With Fantom Foundation To Bring ETC to DeFi via @SludgeFeed
1 day ago
eToroX, the area of the @eToro eToro umbrella that specialises specifically in crypto assets and blockchain technology, has become the latest platform to offer #EthereumClassic on their platform.

@eTorox eToroX Now Offers Ethereum Classic $ETC
3 days ago
The EVM-LLVM makes it possible for developers to adopt an wide array of programming languages to build DApps and smart contracts on #EthereumClassic and all #EVM-based chains.

ETC Labs Core Team ( @etc_core) Releases EVM LLVM via @crypto_ninjas
5 days ago
SafePal implemented #EthereumClassic support on its #SafePalS1 hardware wallet with plans to establish an exclusive partnership with the
@ETCConsortium in China.

@iSafePal To Create Strategic Partnership with ETCConsortium –– Adds Wallet Support For $ETC
6 days ago
#BaseFEX recently launched a new #EthereumClassic trading pair, $ETC/USDT, with up to 20x leverage and support for $USDT deposits and withdrawals and a contract size of 10 $ETC per contract.

@BaseFEX Launches ETCUSDT Perpetual Contract

Read more below.
eth_classic photo
1 week ago
#BaseFEX recently launched #ETC/ #USDT ( #EthereumClassic) trading pair with up to 20x leverage and support for $USDT deposits and withdrawals. The contract size is 10 $ETC per contract.

@BaseFEX Launches New ETCUSDT Perpetual Contract

Read moar below.
eth_classic photo
1 week ago
$ETC will operate as the collateral for customized CSCT issued by corporations, central banks, and other traditional financial institutions on @XARNetwork.

@ETCLabs, @FantomFDN & XAR Network Collaborate to Bring #DeFi to #EthereumClassic via @binance
1 week ago
This brave bunch made the epic journey from #ETCLand to #ETHDenver. #EthereumClassic @EthereumDenver
eth_classic photo
Bob Summerwill @BobSummerwill
We persuaded Donald McIntyre of ⁦ @MyEtherplan⁩ to come down for lunch, and dragged ⁦ @pyskell⁩ out too!
#JusticeForYaz #ethereumclassic
1 week ago
The brilliant innovation of #EthereumClassic is its native smart contracts while using the #BTC model as the base. This plus a distributed virtual machine #EVM + a native programming language, complement #Bitcoin.

The ETC Trinity Explained by @MyEtherplan
1 week ago
Bob and Yaz of @ETCCooperative at @EthereumDenver representing #EthereumClassic
eth_classic photo
Bob Summerwill @BobSummerwill
. @whiteblock meets @ETCCooperative at @EthereumDenver. We have just signed a contract with @0xzak for Whiteblock to implement Keccak256 support in @Hyperledger Besu. Great to be working together on #ethereumclassic.
1 week ago
#LLVM makes it possible to use a wide array of programming languages for smart contract development, creating access for more developers to build dApps on #EthereumClassic + #EVM-based blockchains.

ETC Core Announces EVM-LLVM Alpha Release @crypto_ninjas
2 weeks ago
Support for Aztlán (ECIP-1061) is now integrated into @Hyperledger Besu and available for download in the v1.3.9 release.

#Hyperledger Besu Now Supports The Aztlán #EthereumClassic Network Upgrade

Download release below.
2 weeks ago
Daily #EthereumClassic Network Stats📊
Classic is Coming --oppose-dao-fork @ClassicIsComing
#EthereumClassic Daily Stats📊
• $12.17 USD Price
• $1.5B USD Market Cap
• $2.6B USD Reported Trade Vol

• 100K Addresses📈📈
• 42K Transactions
• $1,037 USD Avg Tx Value
• 0.0019¢ US2D Avg Tx Fee

• 3.5M $ETC; $43M USD Sent📈
• ~56% Circulating Supply

• 15.4 Ths -7.7%
2 weeks ago
Because of trust minimization, #EthereumClassic is globally socially scalable, therefore the basic rights that are hard coded in the system are distributed worldwide permissionlessly
- Money
- Property
- Agreements

ETC Money Property Agreements Explained
2 weeks ago
If developers find no bugs or issues during testing, both Aztlán + Phoenix will activate on the same mainnet block, on #EthereumClassic around June 10, also known as #PhoenixDay.

Aztlán & Phoenix Upgrades To Activate on Block 10,500,839 via @MyEtherplan
2 weeks ago
Details behind the Aztlán network upgrade move to June 10, also known as #PhoenixDay are shared below.
2 weeks ago
Daily #EthereumClassic Network Stats📊
Classic is Coming --oppose-dao-fork @ClassicIsComing
#EthereumClassic Daily Stats📊
• $12.27 USD Price📈
• $1.4B USD Market Cap
• $2.6B USD Reported Trade Vol

• 104K Addresses📈
• 46K Transactions
• $895 USD Avg Tx Value
• 0.0022¢ US2D Avg Tx Fee

• 3.3M $ETC; $35M USD Sent📈
• ~56% Circulating Supply

• 16.4 Ths -4.37%
2 weeks ago
Last week @NOWPayments_io announced the addition of #EthereumClassic support to their merchant services. Businesses can now easily accept payments $ETC!
eth_classic photo
NOWPayments @NOWPayments_io
$ETC is here! 🥳
@EthereumClassic was one of our most anticipated coins, and we are so happy to say that it's finally here!
Starting today, our merchants can accept #crypto #payments in #ETC!
Time to enjoy all of its #classic benefits! ✨
Start accepting:
2 weeks ago
ETC Core Team ( @etc_core) Announces EVM-LLVM Alpha Release

What #EVM-LLVM offers smart contract developers:

- More toolchain support
- More programming languages for smart contracts
- Future-proof and better long-term support

2 weeks ago
#GuardaWallet recently announced plans to soon add multi-sig support for #EthereumClassic on its platform.

@GuardaWallet Announces Plans To Soon Integrate Ethereum Classic Multisig Support
2 weeks ago
Daily #EthereumClassic Network Stats📊
Classic is Coming --oppose-dao-fork @ClassicIsComing
#EthereumClassic Daily Stats📊
• $1.4B USD Market Cap
• $2.3B USD Reported Trade Vol

• 165K Active Addresses📈📈
• 44.6K Transactions
• $677.61 USD Avg Tx Value
• 0.0019¢ US2D Avg Tx Fee

• 2.4M $ETC $30M USD Sent📈
• ~117M ETC Supply
• ~56% Circulating

• 16.5Ths -2%
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Create a tradeable digital token that can be used as a currency, a representation of an asset, a virtual share, a proof of membership or anything at all. These tokens use a standard coin API so your contract will be automatically compatible with any wallet, other contract or exchange also using this standard.

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