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Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

A Sunset For ETHNews

It's time to say goodbye, readers.

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11 hours ago
#EthereumClassic with #ChainBridge will make it very easy to send assets between Ethereum chains.”

ICYMI: Ethereum Classic on ChainSafe in Developing ChainBridge via @thecurrencyA
19 hours ago
Money was that third product that people came to value and use to unlock cooperation for commerce between unrelated individuals and untrusting parties.

This relates to ETC in regards to the "Community Fallacy."

The Individual vs The Collective Fallacy
2 days ago
. @Chainlink is a proven decentralized oracle network, which allows #EthereumClassic smart contracts to interact with off-chain resources with the same security guarantees as the underlying #blockchain.

ICYMI: Oracles with Ethereum Classic and Chainlink
3 days ago
Emerald is a non-custodial desktop wallet that supports, #EthereumClassic, #Ethereum, #Tether, and #DAI. It supports Ledger hardware wallets and is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Completely Rewritten Emerald Wallet v2.2.0 Now Available

eth_classic photo
4 days ago
#EthereumClassic does not undermine #Bitcoin's vision or purpose in anyway. Instead it compliments BTC with its secure base layer (L1) smart contracts.

Ethereum Classic Becomes Increasingly Attractive to Many in the Cryptocurrency Space via @thecurrencyA
5 days ago
Chainbridge is a modular multi-directional #blockchain bridge to interact with multiple networks: #EthereumClassic, Ethereum, and others.

Ethereum Classic On ChainSafe's #ChainBridge Development via @thecurrencyA
5 days ago
Missed the recent #ETCAMA hosted by Satoshi Club?

No worries! It's been transcribed and posted for your reading pleasure. #ETC #EthereumClassic $ETC Thanks @olapadesam00
6 days ago
It's true, Ethereum Classic, is on a mission to the Moon, just stop number one on the trip to Mars. Then we'll use the Moon's orbit to slingshot $ETC to Mars.

That's right we're going to Mars baby!
#ClassicIsComing #EthereumClassic
7 days ago
. @BobSummerwill shares what's planned for #EthereumClassic in 2020 + what the future holds for @eth_classic, while Yaz gives an overview of dev relations and activity in $ETC.

ICYMI: @ETCCooperative Accelerates the Growth of Ethereum Classic via @coindesk
1 week ago
Ethereum Classic Labs recently revealed that it will support @ChainSafeth in developing #ChainBridge to increase its interoperability with Ethereum.

ICYMI: ChainSafe's ChainBridge Will Enable #EthereumClassic Access to Ethereum #DeFi
1 week ago
The @Ezil_me team recently announced the possibility of mining Zilliqa (ZIL) with the hardware used to mine #EthereumClassic (ETC) in a very simplified way.

ICYMI: Zilliqa Dual Mining with Ethereum Classic Now Possible
1 week ago
In case you missed it Hive OS recently added $ETC mining support! Thanks @hiveonofficial!
eth_classic photo
Hive OS @hiveonofficial
We’re launching Ethereum Classic Mining Pool🎉

Both free and paid Hive OS users who switch to #ETC pool can use Hive OS for free🔥until 19.06.2020.

From 20.06.2020 conditions will be the same as for #mining #ETH on Hiveon pool

1 week ago
#EthereumClassic in no way, shape, or form undermines #Bitcoin's purpose nor its vision. In fact, they are both complimentary base layer #blockchains. #ETC could even theoretically provide #BTC with L1 "smart contracts." via @EtherplanLive
1 week ago
What a fantastic #EthereumClassic AMA held by the Satoshi Club. We answered some rather intelligent, well thought out questions, showing a willingness to learn, sans trolling.

Missed this one? Don't worry. There's many more to come.
Stay tuned for the next one! Details to come!
1 week ago
Our AMA starts in about ~10 minutes all the information is in the link below.
1 week ago
Rivet users are now able to access #EthereumClassic endpoints directly from the Rivet Dashboard!

Rivet + ETC = ❤️ (for BUIDLers)

OpenRelay Introduces Rivet Support For Ethereum Classic
1 week ago
Don't miss our AMA with Satoshi Club tomorrow!
eth_classic photo
Classic is Coming @ClassicIsComing
Join ETC Community Managers for the upcoming Satoshi Club AMA. We'll be joined special guest, ETC Dapp developer @antsankov, creator of @commonwealthgg.

ETC-Satoshi Club AMA: Special $WLTH Giveaway

When: June 27, 2PM UTC

Where: Satoshi Club Telegram
1 week ago
What are your thoughts on limiting or even removing the DAG in the #EthereumClassic protocol?
1 week ago
Ethereum Classic Pioneering Financial Inclusion and Improved Interest Rate on Celsius Network via @thecurrencyA
1 week ago
STAR Capital Now Supports Large Cryptocurrency Selection Including Ethereum Classic via @YahooFinance
#EthereumClassic $ETC
2 weeks ago
Currently #EthereumClassic deposits earn just over 6% APR if you choose to accrue more ETC.

Celsius Network Adds ETC with High-Interest Yield
2 weeks ago
Join us, June 27th for our AMA with "Satoshi Club!"
2 weeks ago
Celsius is a cryptocurrency based P2P lending platform. Currently #EthereumClassic deposits earn over 6% APR when choosing to accrue more $ETC.

@CelsiusNetwork Adds Ethereum Classic via @CoinsConcise
2 weeks ago
#EthereumClassic is a global, open-source #blockchain for #dApps powered by #smartcontracts. Additionally, it retains the optionality to benefit from quality upstream developments introduced on Ethereum.

@GrayscaleInvest Building Blocks: Get to know $ETC
2 weeks ago
The #EthereumClassic network is made up of strangers from all over the world which coordinate on the network with money, property and agreements as ETC is permission-less, trust-minimized, and socially scalable.

Ethereum Classic Brand & Call to Action
2 weeks ago
There’s a lot more to #EthereumClassic than meets the eye. In time you will see.
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