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Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

A Sunset For ETHNews

It's time to say goodbye, readers.

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15 hours ago
" @open_relay will help #EthereumClassic to develop the newly proposed MESS security feature by establishing its testnet, and designing and conducting simulations, while @ChainSafeth works to review the many security proposals to keep the network safe."
20 hours ago
Ultimately PoW is the only consensus algorithm that we have which allows for a maximally decentralized, permissionless, and censorship-resistant network which naturally resists concentration of power.

Understanding (and Mitigating) Re-Orgs by @pyskell
1 day ago
Watch today's presentation of MESS (Modified Exponential Subjective Scoring) as @isaacardis and @austinrobertsiv breakdown the details, address the positives and the potential negatives of this new proposed security feature to protect the #EthereumClassic network.
2 days ago
Ethereum Classic Participants Work To protect Immutability of Transactions From 51% Attacks via @thecurrencyA #EthereumClassic $ETC
4 days ago
After multiple 51% attacks, Ethereum Classic (ETC) developers working towards making the project’s network more resistant to blockchain reorganization (reorg) exploits.

Ethereum Classic Devs Propose 51% Attack Prevention Protocol via @beincrypto
6 days ago
If MESS is adopted by the honest majority of #EthereumClassic nodes, it would raise chain state finality near-exponentially with negligible risk of network bifurcation.

Agreeing To Disagree: Proposing a Weakly-Subjective Finality Solution for ETC
7 days ago
Check out the @ETCCooperative's newest network monitor site! It currently monitors some of the live @Hyperledger- #Besu nodes on ETC, including ones powering services like #BlockScout and #Ethercluster.
eth_classic photo
1 week ago
Binance Futures to Launch New Perpetual Contracts for #EthereumClassic (ETC) via @Herald_Sheets
1 week ago
The @ETCCooperative expands the addition of a new Director of Developer Relations, @stevanlohja, and a now full-time community manager @Classic_Kevin_.
1 week ago
Rewatch this morning's ECIP presentation by Martin Medina and Sergio Lerner ( @SDLerner) of @RSKsmart about their 51% attack solution tailored for #EthereumClassic.

See the link below.
1 week ago
Yaz @Yazanator, you were an integral part of the growth and development of this open source project, especially these last few years.

We wish you nothing but the best of luck moving forward and are grateful for all your contributions to ETC. You have an amazing, positive spirit!
2 weeks ago
Join us Monday for another ECIP with Sergio Lerner ( @SDLerner) and Martin Medina of @RSKsmart as they present ECIP-1096, "51% Attack Protection System Based on Bitcoin Merged Mining."

Monday, Sep. 14, 2020; 2PM UTC, 7AM PST, 10AM EST

More details below.
2 weeks ago
Thanks to everyone who participated in today's ETC Core Dev Call. Resolutions below:

• ECIP-1043 "Fixed DAG Size" replaced by ECIP-1099; in last call (3 weeks)

• ECIP-1049 "Keccack256" moved to last call (4 weeks)

• ECIP-1095 "SHA3-256" rejected
2 weeks ago
Here's the Jitsi link for today's meeting. You can also find it on the meeting page in github.

Please join us!

2 weeks ago
PSA: ETC Core Development Call | Fri, 4PM UTC

Join us on Friday for a core development call focused on mining algorithm "Last Call" changes. Currently we have a few on the table i.e. SHA3, Keccack256, RandomX

When: Fri. 4PM UTC

Where: Jits link TBD
2 weeks ago
Binance Futures to Launch New Perpetual Contracts for Ripple’s XRP and #EthereumClassic (ETC) via @Herald_Sheets
2 weeks ago
Recently @InputOutputHK gave their presentation to the ETC community about their "checkpointing" ECIP for ETC.

They brought with them their devs and researchers who dove deep into the mechanics of the proposal and closed with a Q&A.

More info below.
3 weeks ago
Using #Keccak256 or #SHA3 would put #EthereumClassic in a unique position as potential leader with regards to hash rate of its own mining algorithm.

ETC Network Security Plan via @ETCCooperative

Read more below.
eth_classic photo
3 weeks ago
IOHK presentation in just under 30 minutes! Please join us, ask questions, and provide feedback!
3 weeks ago
The Immutability Promise of the #EthereumClassic does not speak directly to any particular set, complete or partial, of chain data. Instead, it speaks to the intention of continuing a network and database protocol as designed ad infinitum.

More info below
eth_classic photo
3 weeks ago
New York Regulator Fast-Tracks 10 Cryptocurrencies Including $ETC #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing via @BTCTN
3 weeks ago
. @InputOutputHK devs are set to give their presentation on "Checkpointing"—a way to prevent future 51% attacks.

We kindly ask other ECIP authors i.e. @MaxwellSanchezX of @veriblock, @SDLerner + @dieguito of @RSKsmart & @Dexaran join us!

More info below.
3 weeks ago
Decentralized blockchains don't need lawyers...
3 weeks ago
ETC is ~3% of the overall ETH network hashrate. We are well aware of potential repeated attacks while solutions such as "reorg caps" and the subsequent ECIPs are being tested and evaluated.

If you haven't already please increase (which most have) please raise confs above ~12K.
eth_classic photo
3 weeks ago
Join us on Friday, for #IOHK's presentation on their "Checkpointing" proposal, a solution to preventing 51% attacks on #EthereumClassic.

When: Friday Sept. 4, 2PM UTC; 7AM PST

Where: Crowdcast (link:

cc @SDLerner @RSKsmart @MaxwellSanchezX @Dexaran
3 weeks ago
The @ETCCooperative recently released their "Q2 Board Packages" detailing their milestones completed plus their state of financials.

See what they've been up to below.
3 weeks ago
IOHK will provide a CrowdCast presentation regarding their "Checkpointing" ECIP that would prevent 51% attacks on the ETC.

We invite all ETC stakeholders and other ECIP authors to join and provide feedback.

More info below. @SDLerner @VeriBlock @Dexaran
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