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Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

A Sunset For ETHNews

It's time to say goodbye, readers.

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2 hours ago
🚀 This new release enables the Ethereum Constantinople and Petersburg upgrades in the upcoming #Agharta hard-fork on Ethereum Classic.

Multi-geth v1.9.6 Available! Thanks @sorpaas
3 days ago
Yesterday, ETC core developers and ecosystem participants agreed on a target block number for mainnet #Agharta hard-fork activation as well as a testnet review period for greater assurance.

Ethereum Classic Agharta Hard-Fork Finalization by @StevanLohja
3 days ago
The @ETCConsortium and @HuobiDM team up to airdrop $ETC (*not a new token*) in celebration of the launched Huobi-ETC futures contract. ETC holders only!
eth_classic photo
ETCC @ETCConsortium
$ETC airdrop for the ETC community ONLY, co-hosted by ETC Consortium & @HuobiDM

Scan the QR code to submit your Huobi UID to get a 2 $USD $ETC airdrop!

Time: December 13, 10am - December 20, 10am (UTC+8)
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4 days ago
Today P2P lending platform @constantp2p will hold an #AMA with @etclabs founder, @jameswo826, in the @eth_classic Telegram focused around investing and lending using #smartcontracts, and the future of #EthereumClassic.

Dec 12, 8PM GMT (3PM EST)

Join here
eth_classic photo
4 days ago
Currently, the #Agharta hard fork is set to activate in mid-January 2020. The goal of this call is to reach consensus on moving ECIP-1056 to the "Accepted" stage and to agree on a mainnet activation block number.

ETC Core Devs Call Agharta Finalization
5 days ago
Liz Kukka ( @Venture_This) of @ETCLabs, gave the keynote address at Infiom LA, breaking down details of the Accelerator, and resources provided. Also, Liz focused on interoperability, noting that a single #blockchain wont be the solution for all use cases.
6 days ago
With 25,000 members, r/ethereumclassic is by far the most popular and active ETC subreddit. All posts are related to #EthereumClassic or any projects and businesses related to the project.

Three Ethereum Classic Subreddits You Should Follow via @Yahoo
6 days ago
Core Dev Call PSA: Agharta Finalization

• Evaluate #Kotti, #Mordor, #Morden testnet testing
• Move ECIP-1056 to "accepted" stage
• Agree on Agharta mainnet block number

When: Thursday 12/12, 1PM UTC

Where: ETC-DIscord:

eth_classic photo
1 week ago
“Instant Buy" offers users a faster and simpler way to buy digital assets like $BTC and $ETC, while providing beginners with an all-in-one desktop and mobile solution to buy, store, and secure their #crypto.

@bitFlyerEU Debuts New 'Instant Buy' Feature
1 week ago
Numbers don't lie, especially in a down market. #EthereumClassic surpasses all altcoins in number of daily accounts generated.📈
eth_classic photo
Classic is Coming --oppose-dao-fork @ClassicIsComing
Even through this considerable bear-ish market @eth_classic continues to produce more daily, active accounts / addresses than any other #altcoin or #shitcoins. ETC is second only to the king, #Bitcoin 👑
No spoofing. No spamming. No bs "stress-testing."
1 week ago
Although the overall market is in a downturn, there are more daily active accounts being generated on #EthereumClassic than any other project, except #Bitcoin.
eth_classic photo
Classic is Coming --oppose-dao-fork @ClassicIsComing
📈In the middle of this #crypto market downturn
@eth_classic continues to generate more daily, active accounts/addresses than all "Top 25" #altcoins and #shitcoins (by market cap), falling only behind the king, #BTC.👑 No spoofing. No bs "stress-testing."
1 week ago
The new feature will allow @bitFlyerEU users to buy cryptocurrency, including mainstream altcoins like $ETC, using credit card, debit card and local instant transfer methods

bitFlyer Launches ‘Instant Buy’ To Make Buying #Cryptocurrency More Accessible
2 weeks ago
A sincere thanks to those who participated in today's core dev call. Many thanks to @IOHK_Kevin for coordinating and to everyone for attending.

• New "rough consensus" on ECIP-1061 Aztlán Yingchun Edition established
2 weeks ago
Core Development Call: ~15 minutes till showtime!
2 weeks ago
PSA: ETC Core Dev Call: Confirm Consensus for Aztlán Upgrade (ECIP-1061)

When: Thursday, Dec. 5, 1 PM UTC

Where: ETC Discord - #ecips channel

Goal: Clear up any unresolved issues; agree on how to move forward with ECIP-1061 Aztlán Yingchun Edition.
2 weeks ago
🔥Listen to this insightful fireside chat by Fmr. ECC Director, Anthony Lusardi ( @pyskell) + @GrayscaleInvest Managing Director, Michael @Sonnenshein as they cover a range of topics

- ECIT + Co-op
- Digital assets
- Publicly traded #ETCG
- Institutional investment digital assets
2 weeks ago
PSA: ETC Core Devs Call Tomorrow | Establish New Consensus on ECIP-1061 Aztlán (Yingchun Edition)

• When: Thursday December 5, 1 PM UTC

• Where: ETC Discord #ECIP channel (

@ETCCooperative @etclabs @ETCConsortium @etc_core @ChainSafeth
2 weeks ago
There are many PoW algorithms used throughout the #cryptocurrency space. #EthereumClassic and #Ethereum were both born from the same Ethash PoW mining algorithm.

ICYMI: ProgPoW, SHA3, DAG, Oh My! — Changing Ethereum Classic PoW Algorithm by @stevanlohja
2 weeks ago
#EthereumClassic developers, contributors and participants recently agreed to officially reject the #ProgPoW proposal and to pursue more R&D around the SHA3 algo #Keccak256 (ECIP1049).

ETC Core Development Call | Mining Algo Changes - ProgPoW + Keccak256
2 weeks ago
📡Support #Kotti ETC testnet! Part of project #Goerli bringing POA testnets to #Ethereum and #EthereumClassic

Run Parity:

Run Multi-geth:
eth_classic photo
Classic is Coming --oppose-dao-fork @ClassicIsComing
We can never have too many #Kotti nodes! Download Parity or Multi-Geth!
Kotti is part of the #Goerli project for making #PoA testnets on both #Ethereum and #EthereumClassic, funded the @ETCCooperative.

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Create a tradeable digital token that can be used as a currency, a representation of an asset, a virtual share, a proof of membership or anything at all. These tokens use a standard coin API so your contract will be automatically compatible with any wallet, other contract or exchange also using this standard.

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