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Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

Ohio Businesses Can File Taxes Using BTC, But Only 2 Have Done So

The treasurer’s office is reviewing the initiative.

Thailand Officials Approve Blockchain-Based Securities Trades

Securities could be tokenized and issued on a blockchain platform this year.

New MyEtherWallet Feature Gets Around KYC Requirements

MyEtherWallet teams up with Swiss brokerage firm Bity.

4 Crypto Companies Pay $25,000 Fine To Texas State Securities Board

The Securities Board claims the companies were selling unregistered securities and recruiting…

39 minutes ago
"We plan to bring ETC to ETH in a wrapped form using [the] @poanetwork TokenBridge." - Igor ( @Barinov)
20 hours ago
UNICEF is interested in using a public blockchain to improve availability and reduce cost. #EthereumClassic suits this perfectly. Our relationship with ETC Labs will enable us to deliver this platform.

ETC Labs Presents: @StaTwig by Dean Pappas ( @XLdean)
1 day ago
It's thanks to the early, critical, voluntary contributions by skilled folks like @wiz that helped Ethereum Classic survive post-DAO and thrive today!
2 days ago
$81k and $3k of security are not equivalent!

The threshold should be optimized so that *all* networks have the same level of security for accepting deposits & payments.

Your Exchange Needs More Confirmations! - @pyskell
#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing
2 days ago
New: Explore the Chain with Dean Pappas ( @XLDean) #3 - Zach ( @belfordz) & Stev ( @stevanlohja)
- Byzantium/Constantinople opcodes
- Focus on immutability & strong foundational values
- Optimize #dApp development tools

#ClassicIsComing #EthereumClassic
2 days ago
New Episode:
Let's Talk ETC! #69 - Martins Bratuskins of @TheMonetizr, part of @ETCLabs startup cohort, talks about the #blockchain game reward system, monetizing with #EthereumClassic
2 days ago
Ethereum Classic Network Stats
Classic is Coming @ClassicIsComing
Ethereum Classic $ETC Network Stats🐢
- $499M Market Cap
- $264M Trade Vol

- 65,633 24/Tx📈
- 24,771 Active Addresses
- 2,020 Avg Tx/hr

- 1.1M ETC; $5.09M USD
- $105.14 USD Avg Tx Value📈
- $0.0021¢ USD Avg Tx Fee

- 8.725 Th/s⛏️ +1.7% 24/hr

#ClassicIsComing #EthereumClassic
2 days ago
This week's ETC news and stories 🗞️

Your up-to-date source for all things #ethereum classic, #bitcoin, and #blockchain technology.

#ETCToday #ETCNews
#ClassicIsComing #EthereumClassic
3 days ago
Trading Crypto: Centralized Vs. Decentralized by Dean Pappas ( @XLdean) of @ETCLabs
3 days ago
Ethereum Classic has a vibrant Chinese community. Some of the notable contributors took the initiative and created a website dedicated to ETC in China. | ETC News, ETC Resources, ETC Block Explorer created by @Jacknopm

#ClassicIsComing #EthereumClassic
eth_classic photo
3 days ago
$ETC chain-hop and lilypad deployment still on track for Q1 by @MET_Token team
4 days ago
Digital Gifting Platform Swych To Start Accepting Crypto Payments Including Ethereum Classic via @forbes
4 days ago
Slips is a platform where you can challenge your friends and other gamers while watching the streams you love. Unlike many projects, there is no native token for Slips, so challenges are made using Ethereum Classic.

ETC Labs Presents: Slips by @XLdean
5 days ago
Join #EthereumClassic Labs tonight for a special #Cryptocurrency Exchange Meetup focused on:

- Centralized (Traditional) v. Decentralized (DEX)
- security
- differentiation
- adoption.

When: Tue. Feb. 19
Where: @ETCLabs HQ, San Francisco

See you there!
eth_classic photo
5 days ago
This Week in the Labs: Feb 18th by @ETCLabs

- Weekly workshop, "Brand Positioning"
-“ETC Labs Presents” - series highlights @SlipsHQ
-"Explore the Chain" - @p3c_io Founder @antsankov
- #BitAngels event - 3/8
-"Gaming on the #Blockchain" event - 3/20
6 days ago
"In just 3 short years, the unbelievable progress made by #EthereumClassic validates its true strength & trajectory as its technology is adopted by everyday and business applications."

Keep Up with ETC: Weekly Newsletter courtesy @ETCCooperative

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6 days ago
Depend less on intermediary code, get what you need straight from the client.

With #OpenRPC spec complete, @ETCLabsCore will greatly improve #dApp development, with a more effective way to interface with APIs
#Web4 #EthereumClassic
eth_classic photo
6 days ago
Dallas based digital gifting platform, Swych announced that it would start supporting cryptocurrency payment from next week. Swych will enable its users to use five cryptocurrencies as the mode of payment, including #EthereumClassic ETC
6 days ago
"On the #Ethereum side, they benefit from work that #EthereumClassic does. #Görli and #Kotti exemplify this sort of mutual benefit."
- Anthony Lusardi ETC Co-op ( @pyskell)

ETC-ETH Cooperation Amid Blockchain Tribalism
6 days ago
There is no native token for Slips. Challenges are placed via #EthereumClassic and players can bet on custom and complex challenges using a simple interface.

@ETCLabs To Launch Slips: a Betting Platform For Gamers and Streamers #ClassicIsComing
7 days ago
🎧 New Episode
Let's Talk ETC! #68 - @husainfazel & Kyle O'Neill of Gaming & Streaming #Blockchain Betting Platform
- unique streaming side-bets
- #ethereumclassic as native currency
7 days ago
"I believe one of the types of 51% attacks is not as 'innocent' as the others."

Tomaz explains the different kinds of 51% attacks from the perspective of the network participants.
1 week ago
#OpenRPC added to Microsoft Visual Studio Marketplace by Shane ( @shanejonas) and Zach ( @belfordz) of @ETCLabsCore
eth_classic photo
Zachary Belford @belfordz
Cool things for building cool things being built @shanejonas
1 week ago
Full featured Desktop application with a user friendly interface to manage multiple accounts

Emerald Wallet v1.2.0 Released
eth_classic photo
1 week ago
The Ethereum Classic Virtual Machine Is Unnecessary! Consider WebAssembly:
New Blog Post by @chris_seberino #EthereumClassic
1 week ago
"Parity-Ethereum RPC vulnerability is wider than we originally thought."
- @ParityTech

📡Please Update Parity Nodes
1 week ago
With #OpenRPC specification complete, @ETCLabsCore is greatly improving #dApp development.
eth_classic photo
Stev @stevanlohja
OpenRPC project by ETC Labs Core is - #Web4. It can improve the #DApp development environment by reducing the need for libraries such as Emerald JS API or Web3 API. Depend less on intermediary code, get what you need straight from the client. #etc #ethereumclassic #eth #ethereum
1 week ago
🎧 New Episode
Let's Talk ETC! #67 - Anthony Lusardi ( @pyskell) drops by with insightful updates

- @ETCLabsCore roadmap
- #OpenRPC: JSON-RPC 2.0 API interface (dev tool)
- Google #BigQuery (big-data analysis tool)
- #ETCSummit2019 in Vancouver!
1 week ago
Ethereum Classic Network Stats
- $448M Market Cap
- $217M Trade Vol 📈

- 40,482 24/Tx
- 21,822 Active Addresses
- 1,663 Avg Tx/hr⚡️

- 2.14M ETC; $8.8M USD
- $221.82 USD Avg Tx Value📈
- 0.0022¢ USD Avg Tx Fee

- 8.574/Th ⛏️ -1.04% 24/hr

#ClassicIsComing #EthereumClassic
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Create a tradeable digital token that can be used as a currency, a representation of an asset, a virtual share, a proof of membership or anything at all. These tokens use a standard coin API so your contract will be automatically compatible with any wallet, other contract or exchange also using this standard.

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