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Verge (XVG) (formerly DogecoinDark (DOGED)) is a decentralised, open-source cryptocurrency forked from Dogecoin in October 2014 and re-branded as VERGE in February 2016. The project exploited the growing popularity of the "fun" Dogecoin cryptocurrency while adding code to increase the coin's anonymity and privacy features, notably the network's ability to run on dedicated Tor nodes. Verge is a pure proof-of-work cryptocurrency that uses multiple hashing algorithms to mine new coins. The number of coins issued has been set to 9 billion during the first year and one billion per year thereafter.

11 hours ago
We’re pleased to inform you that deposits and withdrawals are now opened on @binance.

We’d like to use this opportunity to thank the #Binance team for their cooperation, patience and hard work.

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2 days ago
New Version 7.0.0 is out now, for all major platforms! $XVG #vergefam #septem
3 days ago
We agreed with #exchanges @binance @BittrexExchange to wait on $XVG codebase v7, to resume accepting deposits and withdrawals, in order to prevent future downtime.

v7 coming soon, stay tuned! 💪

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3 days ago
Comment on the #tweet from our friends at @NOWPayments_io and let them know what is your favorite $XVG fun fact.

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4 days ago
Last week there was a failed attempt against our #blockchain.

#OpenSource #community prevailed.

Thank you #VergeFam!
1 week ago
android app should be back online shortly folks.
1 week ago
Thanks to the power of #opensource #community, $XVG blockchain has overtaken the malicious chain 6 h ago.

The attack failed.

Thanks to efforts from #VergeFam, #miners, as well as #CT & #cryptofam that came to support our successful efforts to protect #Verge.

#altcoin #Bitcoin
1 week ago
Our team has gotten our block explorer repaired and resynced

1 week ago
Thank you to the miners having shown good faith and good business in helping us mine the proper blockchain.
With your help, everyone’s funds remain safe and mining is profitable.

If you haven’t done so, please update to qt 6.0.3. and ban nodes 6.0.2.
1 week ago
In light of the recent events, if you're running a full Verge-qt node, please update to our latest release, 6.0.3. $XVG

You can find binaries for Windows, MacOS and Linux here :
1 week ago
We have written a short explainer of what went down in the last 24 hours.
Your funds are SAFU,

thanks everyone for your concern, feel free to reach us on our social media handles. $XVG
1 week ago
Malicious elements have tried to take over our blockchain. Working with miners our dev team has released a fix, preventing damage.

In 13 hours, it will be business as usual.

Thank you for your understanding.

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2 weeks ago
“Technology without the people to support it and use it means absolutely nothing. It’s useless.
Verge has it all; the tech and the hundreds of thousands of people to support it.”

Happy Valentine’s Day #VergeFam!

$XVG #vergecurrency
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2 weeks ago
Hey #cryptotwitter!

Join our #community on @telegram and enjoy endless conversations with likeminded people.

Our admins and mods will answer all your questions.

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2 weeks ago
We have new $XVG merchandise available at our #store.

What is your favorite item and/or #design?

Do you have any #Verge merch? Post a picture in the comments!

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2 weeks ago
Did you know?

#Verge has a finite supply and it is not possible to create any more of it once everything is mined.

Max supply is capped at 16,555,000,000 and the current circulating supply is 16,429,405,966.

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2 weeks ago
Hey #cryptotwitter!

Our friends at @NOWPayments_io would love to get feedback from you all on where they can improve to make $XVG payments as easy as possible.

See their post on @reddit to find out more:

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2 weeks ago
“Verge has always been the one digital currency to do things differently and has built a massive community around its principles, methodology and approach.”

Learn about $XVG community in this @medium post written by @mihael_cm in 2018

Join the #VergeFam
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2 weeks ago
Good luck to all participants!
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SwapSpace @SwapSpaceCo
This St. Valentine's season together with #Verge we're spreading love and #crypto to the community 😍

- ❤️& RT
- Follow @vergecurrency & @SwapSpaceCo
- Join
- Tag 5 friends

On February 14th we'll name two winners who split 3000 #XVG. Good luck 😜
2 weeks ago
A 30 min summary of @VoiceLife_inc and $XVG demo / Q&A.

Thanks @MikeJavv for taking the time to do this! We appreciate it.

#VergeFam is the best!

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3 weeks ago
Good morning #Australia!

Did you wake up and decide this will be the day you finally get some $XVG?

Our friends at @SwyftxAU and @coinspotau got you covered 😉

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7 days ago
A man in the prison yard talks to himself a lot.

He said he was talking to aliens. They told him the beginning of the end would start March 3rd.


It began years ago, when we turned technology against ourselves.

Though I marked my calendar - just in case.
1 week ago
I composed this piece 5 years ago.

Now after nearly 5 months in prison its notes reflect the isolation from my loved ones and from the society I am trying to change.

If you want to hear my heart through music have a listen.
1 week ago
My life's conflicts stemmed from one source:

My best friend and my worst enemy were both myself.
1 week ago
I have a new cell mate. In three days, using boxes, string and toothpaste for glue, he's built bookcases, holders, and a host of things.

If we turned this fucker loose in a hardware store I think we'd have a teleporter in short order.
1 week ago
I don't mind being locked up as much as the company I'm locked up with.

For example, a young friend I met is here for cutting his father's throat but he doesn't remember it.

I can only hope he doesn't remember to cut mine for some reason.
2 weeks ago
Hunger in a world of abundance. Poverty amidst luxury. Wealth vs want.

We are a species divided by class, power, oppression, privilege.

No other species has such self-destructive divisions.

We should be added to the species we need to save.
2 weeks ago
My life has been devoted to "my" life.

My family, my loves, my ambitions, generosities, fears, desires.

My apparent selflessness - helping others was still about me. Improving my image of myself.

Perhaps a few of you can relate.
2 weeks ago
Our government has become complex and extravagant. It has become distinct from and independent of the people.

Our democracy has become a struggle of ideals rather than actualities. None of us truly understand where our votes will lead.
2 weeks ago
Prison cells become sacred spaces. Even when all the doors are open (twice a day for an half hour), no one enters another's cell without invitation (the guards of course may do as they wish).

It's a polite society.
2 weeks ago
For most of my life I sought permanency. In relationships, security, happiness, contentment.

Yet reality in all cases eventually brought disappointment. From relationship to relationship, situation to situation.

I discovered that the only permanent thing in life is change.
2 weeks ago
I love the marketing of things we don't need or even wanted until told our lives would improve if we had them.

Name brands are my favorites.

Convincing us to wear clothes with someone else's name on them was pure genius.
2 weeks ago
The Cosumer Society

My advice:

We need robots whose sole purpose is to consume goods and services.

Automated consumption.

It would take a great weight off our shoulders.
2 weeks ago
I'm nearing 76 and my health reflects it - unlikely to survive the years of trials before my guilt is decided. Bail is also unlikely.

Life in prison.

I wrote one chapter of my memoirs: The rest will be Twitter snippets.

Coming soon.
2 weeks ago
I'm nearing 76. Currently in prison.

Not that it much matters, life's exit is near.

If I had a regret it would not be to change anything I have done. But to have carried my past as a burden rather than let it carry me.
3 weeks ago
People on the outside spend their lives working and place high value on the little spare time that they have.

Spare time is all we have here in prison.

The entrepreneur in me can't help thinking there's an opportunity here somewhere.
3 weeks ago
"They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it."

Marvelous concept.

I wish someone had fortified my decision to marry my first wife.
3 weeks ago

The ultimate escape from ourselves? Or the doors to perception of a deeper reality?

I have done more drugs than any of you could carry.

And I still don't know.
3 weeks ago
A Confession:  sex ruled much of my life. Every relationship began with physical attraction. And ended with its end.

Sexual satisfaction was frequent but fleeting. Like a fast growing weed that can be trimmed. But never pulled from the ground.

More was never enough.
3 weeks ago
I'm in my 76th year. In prison. Awaiting trial for extradition.

Maybe not in the best position to be giving advice.

But anyway...

Believe nothing you hear. And be suspect even of your own eyes.

A world ruled by the powerful, the clever and the corrupt is never what it seems.
3 weeks ago
Prison food:

We have: chicken, fish, sausage an unidentifiable substance. A bit too much of the latter for my taste. And bread and water.

Not many vegetarians here.
3 weeks ago
Notes From Prison

My body is confined. My mind has always been confined. By fears, longings, ambitions, escapes from boredom - a prisoner of my own desires. Circumstance moved me from one prison to the other. There is little difference.
3 weeks ago
What is life like here in?

It's relative.

In a world where billions lead lives of misery and can't feed their families, where children starve and have no roof over their heads...

A prison cell, a bed and three meals a day without working would seem like heaven.
3 weeks ago
Censorship is a creeping disease - infecting freedom of thought as expressed through freedom of speech.

If it is not stopped individual thought will cease to exist.
4 weeks ago
266 children under 18 died from CV in the US since it began. 12,000 died from accidents. 95% of all CV deaths were people over 50.

We closed schools and disrupted the most vital element of our children's lives - education.

To protect them?

officialmcafee photo
4 weeks ago
CV has killed 447,459 in the US. Most were my age, 1 foot already in the grave. Less than 300 children under 17 were killed. Starvation killed 3.1 million children worldwide. Meanwhile the powerful increase their wealth by trillions. The rest suffered. ???
4 weeks ago
Humans destroy everything they touch - forests, air, oceans.

Desire created this.

You believe your desire to end it is different from the desire to exploit it. Yet all desire stems from self-interests no matter how "selfless" it appears.

Desire is the beginning of conflict.
4 weeks ago
I'm near 76 - oldest man in this prison. My trial may not happen for 2 years. If extradited, then years of delays, appeals, before the courts decide my guilt. I haven't filed for 8 years, but I owe no taxes.

I may be in my mid 80's.

Will make the Guinness Book of Records.
4 weeks ago
My past - my experiences, decisions, actions, circumstances in and outside of my control - have led me to this prison. Just as your past has led you to where you are.

But the past exists only in memory, and my future is unknown and unknowable.

So here I am. And there you are.
4 weeks ago
Millennials blame older generations for the madness of the world they inherited.

The world's insanity evolved through thousands of years of tribal, ideological and national self-interest.

And the concept:

"We are right. You are wrong".

I am certain you believe you are right.
4 weeks ago
Do you know yourself?

Not your profession, skills, likes, dislikes, appearance.

These are not you. I mean the Thinker.

The one who acts, feels, observes and experiences within you.

If you do not know this Thinker, then your thoughts are the thoughts of a stranger.
4 weeks ago
Technology allows nearly universal communication.

You may have many "friends", many "followers".

But are you less lonely, less isolated, more fulfilled?

We have replaced human contact with an image of human contact - a mere thought.

Can you look and deny this?
1 month ago
We are striving to create a better world, a better environment, a better life for ourselves, yet we are everyone filled with fear, greed, anger, dissatisfaction and all the rest.

We cannot create love from fear, compassion from greed, etc.

What we are is what we create.
1 month ago
I am in prison. It does not matter where I am or what happens to me it will not change the madness of the world - war, conflict, jealousy, emptiness, dissatisfaction.

I am a transient, tiny spark in an infinite universe, as are all of you.
1 month ago
In a country where political leaders deceive, line their pockets, smear their opponents, give contracts to supporters, create propaganda ... the censuring of someone on social media for suggesting election fraud exists will go down as one of the greatest absurdities in history.
1 month ago
A culture where business leaders are forced into hiding, credentials are threatened, political leaders are expelled or censured, people fired for their beliefs, witch-hunts for dissenters ...

This was life under Stalin's soviet politburo.

This is happening


In America.
1 month ago

Between countries, religions, ideologies, race and culture - between gangs, ethnic groups, police and civilians.

It is a constant in our lives.

And it is increasing.
1 month ago
Warnings and preparations for violence are invitations for violence.

It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
1 month ago
Social media is changing the very definition of "The Press".

Through it everyone becomes "The Press", yet the constitutional protections provided to the press have been usurped by private companies through social media.

Be warned.
2 months ago
I'm not a Trump fan. But Twitter's ban is obscene.

Twitter is private but their purpose is public expression.

Courts in America address free speech not private committees.

I'm offering Trump to talk to my 1 million followers through me until @jack bans me too.

2 months ago
Plenty of crazies in prison.

My two favorites are a man who argues with inanimate objects and another who converses with imaginary friends.

The two meet sometimes and have a seemingly friendly conversation.

David Lynch could make a blockbuster movie from their dialogue.
2 months ago
I've been three months in a Spanish prison.

If I could choose a place to be, prison would not top my list.

If lawmakers were required to spend a single day in prison before being allowed to make laws,

penalties for nonviolent crimes would be drastically less severe.
2 months ago
If Cyndi Lauper's performance is an omen for what we can expect in this new year,

then I fear 2021 may make 2020 look like the Renaissance in comparison.
2 months ago
My cell mate wants to say happy new year.

So ... from the lips of Antonio Savaadra Gil, alleged but innocent of being, a world renowned bank robber and criminal mastermind:

"Whatever 2021 brings it will have to be better than the horse shit of 2020."
3 months ago
Esta es la esencia de mi posición política:

El poder corrompe. (Subtítulos en Español)
3 months ago
I am Libertarian. I ran for Potus in 2016.

Many in our party believe income taxes are unconstitutional. I speak out loudly against it. There are other means of funding.

I have not committed fraud. I have refused to file - a misdemeanor.

This extradition is political.
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